Secret 7" 2020 was our final show.

After 7 shows over a total of 8 years we have decided to move on from producing any more Secret 7" editions in the the existing format.

We're focussing our attentions to new opportunities to create projects for great causes alongside running our creative agency Goodness

We'd love to hear from you if you're interested in collaborating with us to bring something new and exciting to life.

Our 700 records sold for £134,000!

On Sunday evening our 700 records sold for £134,000!

It was a wonderful way to end what's been a really difficult year producing the show. When we announced it's be our seventh and final show we were committed to going out with a bang, and made loads of plans that never saw the light of day. With all the changes and restrictions, it was feeling like we were going out with more of a whimper than a bang, until Sunday. We're genuinely still in shock over here.

Thank you to everyone who bid and shared our auction that enabled this incredible result! We've already smashed our previous fundraising figure and there's still more to come.

As is tradition, we're auctioning 7 test pressings of all 7 of this year's tracks, this year they are housed in sleeves that have been gilded in 23ct Gold! Click here to view and bid on those. Those end on Sunday.

Plus our Planar 1/1 turntables will be going under the hammer - more on that soon.

You can now discover who created the artwork and what track it was for over on our online gallery.

There are no more secrets. Head to our online gallery where you can filter all 700 records by track and search for artists by name.

A huge thank you to all our 2020 contributors, without you we would not have achieved such a brilliant results on Sunday.