Secret 7" 2020 was our final show.

After 7 shows over a total of 8 years we have decided to move on from producing any more Secret 7" editions in the the existing format.

We're focussing our attentions to new opportunities to create projects for great causes alongside running our creative agency Goodness

We'd love to hear from you if you're interested in collaborating with us to bring something new and exciting to life.

Planar 1/1

In 2018 we sent 10 artists a Rega Planar 1 turntable and invited them to create something unique with it. It proved such a success that we’ve gone and done it again.

Except this year we’ve got 15 artists involved and the one of a kind turntables will have their very own exhibition following on from Secret 7” at NOW Gallery, from 4 - 12 November. The open brief has really been embraced this year too! Including stained glass, neons and a dream machine, sort of.

On the final day, 12 November, the final Secret 7” will culminate in us auctioning the Planar 1/1 turntables with help from The Auction Collective.

All the profit from the auction will be added to this year’s grand total for Help Refugees.

This year’s contributing artists are:

Alison Goldfrapp
Charlie Oscar Patterson\
Chrissie Macdonald
Gregor Hildebrandt
Haroon Mirza
Isabel + Helen
Lauren Baker
Morag Myerscough
Pure Evil
Rana Begum
Rayvenn D'Clark|
Shona Heath
Sir Paul Smith
Tony Hung

Click here to see all this year’s unique turntables and learn more about placing your bids.