Secret 7" 2020 was our final show.

After 7 shows over a total of 8 years we have decided to move on from producing any more Secret 7" editions in the the existing format.

We're focussing our attentions to new opportunities to create projects for great causes alongside running our creative agency Goodness

We'd love to hear from you if you're interested in collaborating with us to bring something new and exciting to life.

We've launched a podcast!

Postponing the show back in May was rubbish, but lockdown did give us the time to create something we otherwise wouldn’t have.

With the support of NOW Gallery and Spiritland Productions we’ve made a podcast series! Exploring the infinite and holy connections between music and art.

Together with NOW Gallery curator Kaia Charles we chatted to StormStudios, Kate Moross, Gavin Turk, Shona Heath, Kosmo Vinyl, Lotte Andersen and Haroon Mirza - all of whom have contributed to Secret 7" since its inception.

Dan Abbott, designer and illustrator from StormStudios, who worked side-by-side with the legendary Storm Thorgerson for over a decade discussed their ‘iconic’ work and picked out his favourite artworks from this year’s show.

Kate Moross, founder of Studio Moross, spoke brilliantly about how they manage to make music campaigns work for them despite the notoriously small budgets, and talked about working on their dream project with the art direction for Spice Girls’ Spice World tour, and their experience with musicians’ superfans!

The contemporary British sculptor Gavin Turk, a long term and generous contributor to our project told us about the time David Bowie kept calling him up at a time the musician wanted to become a visual artist, and gives away some big clues to his contribution to this year’s show.

Secret 7” and Planar 1/1 contributor this year, Shona Heath, talked about her work, including conjuring unforgettable imagery for musicians such as Bjork, Harry Styles and Goldfrapp.

The legend, Kosmo Vinyl, best known for his work with Ian Dury and The Blockheads and The Clash. His many stories include wallpapering the music press office walls with Barney Bubbles artwork for Ian Dury’s Do It Yourself album, and crossing paths with Andy Warhol.

British artist, Lotte Andersen, talked about life in Lima, what the impact of lockdown is having on her work and how she approached her Secret 7” artwork for this year’s show.

Artist Haroon Mirza describes his role as a composer, manipulating electricity and integrating instruments as varied as household electronics, vinyl, LEDs and turntables. We discuss how he approached our open brief to create a one-off Rega turntable for this year’s Planar 1/1 show.

Here’s where you can find all the episodes in the podcast:


We hope you enjoy listening!