What goes around comes around

The website is alive with plenty of news today, so we’ll keep this brief. I thought I’d unpack why there was no Secret 7” 2017 and touch on we’ve been up to.

We fell silent after the last show came to a close in 2016 and went on hiatus. It wasn’t planned, it just evolved into one. A proper hiatus where we stopped posting on social, and eventually stopped thinking about Secret 7” all together. After five consecutive years of giving the project our all, growing it every year, Jord and I needed that break. Without one we’d have probably either stopped altogether or produced a lacklustre edition in 2017.

In taking a break we realised how much the project means to us, both creatively and personally. This is the best ‘work’ thing we’ve ever made happen. There are a number of reasons for that. We raise money and awareness for great causes. We get to work with some of our all time favourite musicians and designers, plus discover many more as we go. We’ve worked with some of our favourite brands to bring it all together. We’ve made amazing bonus material like the Secret Seeburg jukebox and recorded members of the public live to vinyl! To top it off, we’ve met some of the most warm and generous people who support the project. That’s a cocktail you can’t just give up on.

In it’s void we also go to work on some other stuff. Jord focussed on his day job at Born & Raised in Sydney and finally launched Placement Project with a friend. I started a childrenswear brand called Wonderers with my partner and close friend. I achieved a dream and finally made it to Japan. Both Jord and I got engaged, not to each other, and I welcomed along my first child in September. All in all a pretty productive hiatus!

We’re delighted to be back. Taking space and time has really re-energised us to put on a special show in 2018.

We hope today’s new was worth waiting over a year for! Do tell us what you think on social, and we look forward to those incredible designs rolling in.