Secret 7" 2020 has been postponed until September


Anyone can create a Secret 7”. We’re open for your submissions until 13 April 2020.

You can submit a digital design via our website.


Your artwork can be anything you want, it’s your interpretation of the song. But before you get started, please read our guidelines on creating a sleeve digitally.

1. Do not include the musician’s name, the track title or your name in your design.

2. Only the front of the sleeve will be visible in the gallery so concentrate your design there. You can create a design for the back if you wish, the best way to set that up is as a two page PDF with the back of the sleeve on page one and the front on page two.

3. Dimensions should be 182 x 182mm + 3mm bleed on the top, bottom and right hand side. The bleed won’t be visible, so bear that in mind.

4. Your file must be produced in CMYK so it’s set-up to be printed. Any PMS specials will be converted. Metallic or fluorescent inks cannot be reproduced.

5. Your file must be 300dpi.

6. Your file must be saved as either a Tiff, JPEG or PDF.

7. Do try and reduce the size of your file as much as possible - 10MB maximum.

8. You can submit a sleeve design for as many of our tracks as you like, and more than one design for each track.

9. You have until 23:59 GMT on 13 April 2020 to upload your designs. Late submissions will not be accepted. We advise that you don’t wait until the last few minutes to upload your design as the site will be busy.

10. Design inspiration must be 1000 characters (including spaces) or less. Avoid unusual characters and keep it simple. If your work is successful making it into the show, this message will be printed onto an authentication slip that they buyer of your work will receive at sale.

11. Please refrain form any unusual characters in the filenames of your submission. They can break our form and cause the upload to fail. If you do get an unknown error message, please first check the filenames (usually dashes and inch marks are the culprits).

12. Last but not least - if we email you with the good news that you’ve made it into the show please keep it a secret until after our sale on
13 September 2020. Sleeves featured in the show that get shared before the sale put themselves at risk of being removed from the show.

These guidelines are also available as a PDF download.

If you have any trouble submitting a digital design, we kindly ask you to double check these guidelines before reaching out to us. If you do need to contact us about your submission, please email

Best of luck!

We aim to tell everyone whether or not their work has been successful at least two weeks before the show opens.


This year we have created some templates to help those of you that are less familiar with professional design or setting up artwork for print.

There are templates for creating sleeve artwork using Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.
Click on the links to download.

Adobe Photoshop (Single Sided Sleeve)

Adobe Illustrator (Single Sided Sleeve)
Adobe Illustrator (Double Sided Sleeve)

Adobe InDesign (Single Sided Sleeve)
Adobe InDesign (Double Sided Sleeve)

Please, still refer back to the guidelines, or watch the relevant tutorial video when using these templates to make sure you are setting your sleeve up correctly.

Physical Designs

All of the physical design packs have now sold out. Thanks to everyone who bought one!

If you did buy one we recommend you post back your artwork using some form of recorded delivery so that you can confirm it’s arrived safely. 

We shall be in touch with everyone who submits shortly before the exhibition to tell you if your sleeve has made it into the show or not. Please note that we won’t be able to return the sleeves that don’t make it into the show.