Secret 7" will return in late 2019.

We're getting lots of enquiries about the next instalment of Secret 7". The plan, and it isn't rock solid just yet, will be to launch the next campaign in October 2019 with the exhibition following in the first half of 2020. It'll be our seventh show and as big fans of the number we're taking the time to make sure it's a special year!

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In the mean time you can check out what we did in last time round, see all the artwork in the gallery, and read all about where we’ve been so far by clicking through to our 2018 site (top right).

Secret 7” founders Kev & Jord are also working on the launch of their own agency Goodness, 
with the aim of partnering with brands to create amazing experiences that make a difference. We have a website coming soon, but if you want to hear more you can email Kev on or Jord on

Sale Day

Every year the mega haul of records go on sale on a first come, first served basis priced at £50 each.

Doors will open at 10AM on 24 June at The Jetty and each person is limited to a maximum of 4 sleeves.

That means you’ll probably want to come down in advance with your coat, a nice cup of coffee and some snacks – maybe a sleeping bag and a waterproof too if you’re that way inclined.

Please note a number of important points to ensure the welfare of everyone in our sale day queue and to enable the sale runs smoothly

  • There will be security onsite overnight and you will have access to the toilets on The Jetty
  • Our queue will be situated outside on The Jetty pier. It will get cold and windy so ensure you bring plenty of warm layers
  • At no point can anyone enter the exhibition space outside of opening hours
  • There can be no tents, blow up mattresses or anything that will obstruct the fire escape 
  • No alcohol can be consumed after The Jetty bar closes at 7:30PM on Saturday
  • Noise must be kept to a minimum between 10PM and 8AM as we're in a residential area
  • Inside the exhibition on sale day there must be no running
  • Mind will be taking cash and card payments

We kindly ask you do not attend our sale if your intention is to re-sell your records immediately. It will seriously impact our ability to continue engaging top musicians and artists to contribute the the project. We will be photographing everyone with their purchases to put you off doing this - no photo, no sleeve. It's also nice for our sleeve designers to see who bought their work. Anyone identified as someone who has re-sold in the past will be ejected from this year's queue and future events.

After we’ve served everyone in the queue, we reveal all our secrets and Mind will swiftly auction off any remaining sleeves via their eBay page. The numbers remaining has ranged from twenty to two hundred in the past, so if you can’t be in London on 24 June, you still have a good chance to get the record you desire.

Please email us if you have any questions about the sale day not covered here.

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